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Chartered Accountants working with you to add value to your business, providing creative and pragmatic solutions to your business and tax problems.

At Alexanders, we believe your accountant should be more to you than someone who does just the bookkeeping and VAT returns. Bookkeeping is just an historical account of your business and only shows what has happened, not what is going to happen; if it's bad news it's usually too late!

Our services include business assessment and planning, performance monitoring, profit analysis and risk assessment to name a few. These added value services are what can make a difference to your business; looking at your business's health today and working towards the future rather than just documenting what has happened in the past!


Why Choose Us? We take a pre-emptive attitude to helping our clients; if it can be avoided, let's avoid it!

Alexanders is a two partner firm, comprising a chartered accountant and certified accountant, who is also a chartered tax practitioner. Both partners are members of the Academy of Experts and have separate areas of expertise. With Alexanders you deal direct with the partners who will offer creative, pragmatic and cost effective solutions to avoiding or solving problems. The solutions need to be implemented to be effective and we will help you do that as well.

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The guides section of this website provides access to hundreds of useful guides and up to date budget information. 

Our tax calculators are also valuable tools that you can utilise on this website.