Financial health check.

When you work day in and day out looking after the health of others, why shouldn’t you receive support?

That’s why we look after the financial well-being of our medical sector clients. We aim to relieve some pressure from their shoulders and help them make the best financial decisions.

If you’re paying into an NHS pension, you’ll need to be aware of limits like your lifetime allowance, annual allowance, and the thresholds for the tapered annual allowance. We can advise on the best set-up for paying into a pension which will benefit you further down the line.

We work with a range of healthcare professionals, including nurses, locum GPs, dentists and psychologists.

Regardless of the profession, we can provide you with expert financial advice which will help you thrive and grow in your industry as well as being able to save some money for the future.

Our other services for the medical sector include:

  • VAT advice
  • cashflow management
  • compliance reporting (tax planning, self-assessment, etc.)
  • advice on raising finance.

By getting in touch with our team, you’re taking the first step towards relieving yourself of your financial burdens, allowing you to focus on the more important areas of your work.

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Crispin Jones

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