Business valuation

Knowing your worth.

If you’re looking to expand or sell your business, you need an accurate picture of its value.

Without a proper valuation, you could end up entering a deal which favours the buyer, even if you’ve spent years building your business from the ground up.

Alexanders has been helping businesses with their valuations for years. We will look at your tangible and liquid assets and calculate their value, as well as taking into account your cashflow and profit and loss.

It isn’t just about your income. Your business’s reputation has a large impact on the value of your business. This will be taken into account during the valuation.

Once we have an accurate valuation, we will help you with your business transactions, making sure you’re getting the best and most fair deal possible.

If we spot any cashflow issues, we can advise you on the best steps to take to solve this. This will be especially important if you’re valuing your company in order to raise funds for expansion.

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