The right scheme for your business.

VAT is complicated, and its scope has been changeable over the last few years.

That’s just one of the reasons it’s difficult for business owners such as yourself to keep up. You also need to remember all of the changes rolled out due to the implementation of Making Tax Digital.

Now you have to file regular returns through MTD-compatible software unless you’re exempt. You can face fines for not adhering to the new HMRC rules when not exempt.

To stop this from happening, our team will take over all the compliance matters and make sure we keep on top of your VAT scheme.

Goods and services have different rates, so you need to know which applies to your business. We will figure this out for you and ensure you’re paying the right amount on time for every deadline.

If you haven’t reached the £85,000 annual turnover threshold for VAT registration, it could still be worth considering signing up and filing returns. Also, if you decide you want to deregister, we can help.

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Crispin Jones

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