Company secretarial

Watching the minutes.

When you’re running your own limited company, it can be hard to split your attention between the day-to-day shareholder’s meetings and all of the administrative jobs.

Even from the beginning, registering with Companies House and dealing with annual returns is a cumbersome task.

Instead of spending time and money recruiting a dedicated secretary, outsourcing to us will make everything a lot smoother and more accessible. Our services are there for as long as you need them, so you’re not tied down to a contract or fixed hours.

Our company secretarial services will make light work of all of this for you. We will schedule all your meetings with your investors, shareholders and directors and take minutes.

After the meetings, we’ll draft and publish reports so you have a consistent record of any decisions made for your company.

We won’t just worry about your meetings, but we’ll also keep you informed on any developments in your industry’s compliance obligations and all the rules laid out by HMRC.

"These guys never drop a ball or even a number"

Crispin Jones

We won't leave the phone ringing. You can count on us to be there to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call.