Estate planning

A secure safety net.

If you fail to plan for the important things in life, it won’t only be you that misses out, but your family too.

Look at it this way: without proper planning for your family’s future, you could end up disproportionately splitting your wealth and assets between HMRC and your surviving loved ones.

The main trap to fall into is paying too much inheritance tax by not strategically planning your estate. With the use of trusts and executorships, you can keep your assets safe for your beneficiaries in a tax-efficient way.

This keeps everything out of the hands of HMRC and secures your assets and wealth until a time when you have decided your beneficiaries are responsible enough to access them.

Even gifting money or assets throughout your lifetime, or making use of tax-efficient donations to charity, can lower your tax obligations and minimise the liabilities your family will face once you’ve gone.

Together, we can sit down and go through a list of your tangible assets, discuss the options of your last will and testament and put you on the right path for leaving as much as possible for your loved ones.

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