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Profit Analysis and Maximisation - Measuring the performance of key factors

A strong and successful business needs a clear understanding of the financial impact that even the most simple questions and business decisions may have. To maximise profits and make informed decisions you must be able measure key factors. Do you know what your most profitable products or services are?

Do you know which area of your business may be undermining profits? What will happen if sales volumes drop? Will lowering prices sell more? What will be the real costs of a loan when interest rates change?

A profit analysis review is a valuable tool to help you answer these, and many more, questions about your business operations. Profit analysis is a way of examining the relationship between your costs, your sales and your profits. It can establish measurable factors that will enable you to make better decisions.

At Alexanders we can help you:

  • Compare the profitability of different products, lines and services.
  • Demonstrate the sales volumes needed to break even, under different price or cost scenarios.
  • Examine the degree to which your business uses fixed costs and how this maximises your profits as sales increase, but also maximises your losses significantly as sales drop.

We help many business directors study these key areas.

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