Fine-tuning your processes.

It’s not a nice feeling knowing your business’s processes are under scrutiny, especially when you consider the amount of paperwork involved in an audit.

That’s where Alexanders comes in. We will advise you on the best way to prepare for an audit. If you’re nearing the threshold, it’s worth getting a head start. Our team will collect all of the necessary information so that when the audit process does begin, your day-to-day won’t be interrupted.

The most valuable part of having an audit is, ironically, the scrutiny. If there are weaknesses or risks in your business’s financial operations, having an auditor identify them can save you a lot of worry further down the line. The sooner a problem is shared, the sooner it’s solved.

Audits are compulsory for businesses and companies over a certain size and also for some charities. Smaller charities can choose whether to go through an independent examination, usually for the interest of stakeholders and investors.

Not only will Alexanders help you fix your processes, but we will keep you in the loop with the latest guidance and compliance for your business.

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